Contractor Recommendations

My husband and I purchased a tiny foreclosure in 2013. We remodeled a tiny 2-bed, 1-bath and turned it into a 4-bed, 3 bath house that is perfect for us. Along the way, we found some really great people to do the work that we couldn’t. Here are some great contractors that we would use again.


Gardner Roofing
We didn’t use Gardner Roofing, and we really regret it. A neighbor asked for a recommendation, and we gave him the name of our roofing contractor, as someone NOT to use. They ended up going with a recommendation from their insurance company. Gardner came out and ripped off the existing roof, and then installed the new roof all in one day. They were professional from start to finish, cleaned up after themselves, and did a great roofing job, too. I will use them again when we need a roofing company. Contact Eddie Medina at or 303-332-6224


Front Range Seamless Gutters
We are DIY-ers, and try to do everything we can ourselves. After failing in a spectacular fashion while trying to do our own gutters, a neighbor referred Front Range Seamless Gutters to us. For slightly more than we could buy the materials to make gutters with horrible seams, these guys came out and did a wonderful job. Seamless gutters look much better, they have just about any color you would want, and they get the job done beautifully. (Side note: they have replaced gutters on at least 4 of the houses on our street – they just do it right!)

Tree Care

Ryan Decker
No web site just yet, but give him a call at (720) 883-5387. Ryan is an ISA Certified Arborist. He did a wonderful job taking down a dead tree for us that was thisclose to both power lines and our roof.

Pet Sitting

Where’s my Leash?
I recommend having your dog out of the house during showings. You don’t want to lose a sale because someone is afraid of your animal and won’t even go into the house.

Kristina from Where’s my Leash? offers up to 1-hour dog-walks during showings with proper notice.

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